No days off! Leggings yoga pants

Voracity Apparel offers an exceptional product for a specific clientele.

  • Closure Type: Elastic Waist
  • Material: COTTON
  • Material: Polyester
  • Gender: Woman
  • Cut: Adapts perfectly to the size, take your normal size
  • Pants Length: Full length
  • Fabric Type: Fine sheet



Product details

Voracity Apparel offers exceptional products for a specific clientele. Each of our designs embodies its own story and offers an exciting unique trait. Besides the design, the functionality and comfort of sports and leisure leggings are also very important. The highly elastic waistband guarantees you a good fit. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you comfortably dry during long workouts. This, combined with a cut that adapts excellently to your shape and the feeling of wearing a second skin, will no doubt make these Voracity Apparel leggings your favorite outfit. Whether for jogging, yoga, the gym, parkour, gymnastics, combat sport, horse riding or many other sports and leisure activities, there are almost no limits to the use of these leggings.

The leggings are made of polyester. This compression technology acts directly on the muscles, keeping them active during the workout and then reduces recovery time. Our Voracity Apparel compression leggings offer the ideal support to achieve your sporting goals. Due to its many positive qualities, especially for sportswear, lycra is very often used. On the one hand, the fabric is very soft and pleasant to the touch while being wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying and elastic at the same time.

Another advantage is the lacing inside the waist. It is thus possible to optimally adjust the desired size. Thanks to the internal lacing, the cord on the outside is not visible. Depending on your mood and your mood, you can combine your compression leggings with a sports bra and / or a Voracity Apparel tank top to perfect your outfit.

Livraison Standard

Estimated time for delivery: 20-35 days


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