Voracity apparel is building the star team to participate in an elite community of Ambassadors. “VAP” is a community of organized individuals looking to make a change through sharing knowledge, imagination and motivation based community. Together we will become the authorities of everything that will symbolize the future.

Join our team of ambassadors and showcase your talent, curves and beauty. We are looking for our next Fashion Ambassadors all shapes and sizes. 

Voracity apparel is not just a boutique we provide an experience that will leave an everlasting impression on everyone we encounter. We seek to motivate and encourage one to love themselves inside and out. 

Fashion Ambassador

As a voracity apparel Fashion Ambassador, it means you are passionate about our company, you would like to help promote, drive brand awareness and increase our customer base via social media and publicly.


  • Motivated, positive, hard working attitude
  • Love and passion for fashion
  • Desire to work and grow our brand
  • Social media following 

What’s in it for you?

  • If you are selected to be the model for a particular promotion you will purchase your attire at a lower cost so that you can wear voracity apparel attire in efforts in helping us promote our brand.
  • Each ambassador will receive an assigned 10% off discount code for you, your family, friends and followers.
  • First to know about new arrivals.
  • Ongoing promotions throughout our social media channels.
  • Ambassador Credit 

How do I start?
– Fill in the VAP Ambassador application below.
– Follow us on Instagram & Turn on notifications
– Join our Voracity Facebook

We are ready for YOU to join our Fashion Ambassador team , sign up TODAY.

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